Art collection

Within its industrial architecture walls, the Granados 83 Hotel houses a fascinating collection of Asian art. Seventy pieces of great artistic variety of Indian and Cambodian origin, mostly dating back to between the 10th and 11th centuries A.D. Among which, we highlight the Indian reliefs which can be seen from the hall to the hotel’s bar, Khmer art sculptures from 8th century, representations of Buddha and of the Indian pantheon, which show the evolution of traditional Indian art.

Inside the bedrooms and in the public areas, we find small pieces, carved doors, lattice windows and small altars. A collection of wooden crosspieces that made up the structure of the ceremonial carts used in religious celebrations stands out due to its distinctiveness, as does a collection of Roman mosaics which takes us back to the great Roman villas of the 2nd-6th centuries A.D.


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